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Dental implant – good to know

There are many questions about dental implants. We discover this each day in our dental practices in Berlin-Adlershof and Berlin-Karlshorst. This is why we have put together all the essential information about dental implants and implantology on this website.

And we can understand the need for comprehensive advice. At the end of the day, the subject of dental implants may become current for every one of us, sooner or later. Because over the course of our lives, almost everyone loses a tooth, or even several teeth – due to dental diseases such as tooth decay or periodontal disease, or due to a tooth injury.

The dental gaps which are created here limit the quality of life of the affected person, sometimes even in a severe manner. And it isn’t just the appearance which plays a role here. Also when eating and talking, dental gaps frequently lead to difficulties.
In addition, if a dental gap is uncared for, the jawbone will gradually recede. As a consequence, this can lead to tooth migration, elongation of the opposing teeth and incorrect loading.

Fitting an implant after a tooth injury

tooth implants Berlin in Adlershof und Karlshorst - Ihr Implantologe Carsten ÖztanThis is why we recommend replacing a missing tooth as quickly as possible. Here, the implant-supported tooth replacement is not just the firm, long-term alternative to a conventional removable denture. Tooth implants can replace the natural tooth almost perfectly, in both appearance and function. This means that with tooth implants, you can smile, talk and bite firmly again without a care.

Strictly speaking, the concept of a tooth implant does not describe the tooth replacement, but only an artificial tooth root. This tooth root implant is screwed firmly into the jawbone and crowned once this has healed. After this, the implant-supported tooth replacement should not be distinguishable from the natural teeth, either by yourself or by other people.

Implantology is one of the most methodically and technically highly developed areas in dentistry today. At the end of the day, sophisticated procedures and the latest technology allow the operations to be carried out in a gentle and extremely precise manner.
At Zahnkultur Berlin, we use 3D guided implantology, for example. With this modern form of inserting tooth implants, the space available in the jaw is used in an optimal manner, as the operation can be planned precisely in advance.
For the insertion of the tooth implant, your dentist at Zahnkultur Berlin will carry out precise calculations at the computer based on your CT and DVT data. In this way, each anatomical detail can be incorporated into the plan. This precise data can be used to create a surgical template which allows the pinpoint placement of the implants. This saves time during the actual operation, allows us to be gentle, and we can achieve ideal aesthetic results.

Thanks to our own laboratory in the practice, we can work in a particularly cost-conscious manner. For example, our prices for more extensive care definitely withstand those of Hungarian tooth implant clinics.
Would you like to learn even more about tooth implants and our implantology  practices? Then have a closer look here or make a consultation appointment directly with us. If you already have a cost estimate from another practice, we would also be happy to prepare an alternative quotation.

The practice owner, Carsten Öztan, and his team are delighted about your interest and are looking forward to your visit!

Kind regards Carsten-Can Öztan

Zahnimplantate Berlin: der Aufbau Krone

Grouped competence

– Extensive experience
– Daily execution of operations
– Constant further training
– Cooperation with Zahnklinik Ost
– Our own dental laboratory on site

Zahnimplantate in Adlershof - gebündelte Kompetenz, zufriedene Patienten und modernste Technik

Satisfied patients

– Personal, in-depth consultation
– Consistently transparent planning
– Close consultation with dental technicians
– Conscientious, close after-care
– Option of interest-free payment in instalments

Zahnimplantate Berlin: der Aufbau

The latest technology

– 3D-guided implantology
– Minimally invasive procedure
– CT and DVT technology
– Biocompatible materials
– The latest dental technology

Structure of a tooth implant

tooth implant berlin - crown (superstructure)

Implant crown (superstructure)

Zahnimplantate in Karlshorst Aufbau 1 The implant crown or superstructure is the visible part of the implant-supported tooth replacement, meaning the crown, bridge or dentures fastened to the implant structure. There are two bonding processes for this – the firm cementing onto the implant structure and screwing onto the implant structure. At Zahnkultur Berlin, we use both processes and select the right method depending on the individual circumstances.

tooth implants berlin / Zahnkultur Berlin

Implant structure (abutment)

Implant structure (abutment) in berlin adlershof & karlshorst The implant structure, or abutment, is the connection between the implant body, meaning the artificial tooth root, and the implant crown. It is screwed tightly with the implant body and mostly consists of titanium, ceramic or a newer material such as zirconium oxide. Finally, the tooth replacement is fastened to the abutment and thus is visible as the actual tooth in the form of a crown, bridge or even dentures.


Implantatkörper – Implantat setzen in Karlshorst

Implant body (tooth implant)

Implant body (tooth implant) in Berlin The implant body describes the actual tooth implant and forms the foundation of the firm tooth replacement as an artificial tooth root. At the top end, you can mostly see threads. The second part of the implant, the implant structure, can then be fastened onto these. Depending on the type of implant, we differentiate between screw-shaped or cylinder-shaped implant bodies and hollow and solid implants. At Zahnkultur Berlin, we use these accordingly based on the individual case. Pure titanium is normally used as the material for implant bodies thanks to its good level of compatibility.

Tooth implant not possible?! – With bone construction, it often does work.

For some patients, the jawbones have already receded too much or are too badly damaged, meaning that an immediate implantation is not possible. In these cases, many people affected hear that their case is generally hopeless. We recommend obtaining a second opinion from an experienced implantological practice after hearing statements like this.

It is true that jawbones which are too thin and too damaged cannot hold a tooth implant. But it is usually possible to reconstruct jawbones and thus stabilise them for tooth implantation.
At Zahnkultur Berlin, we use various procedures for this, depending on the situation.

Careful bone construction using your own bone

During jawbone construction, we build the jawbone back up in terms of height and width, for example, using your own bone. For this, we remove bone from the mouth area or other areas of the body using especially sensitive ultrasound instruments, so-called piezoelectric devices. The pressureless, selective and extremely precise work of the piezoelectric device does practically no damage to the surrounding tissue.

The bones removed in this way are modelled accordingly and transplanted into the jaw. When everything goes as planned, the bone transplant will have grown together after just a few weeks. In this way, for example, the tooth implant could can be set after around three months.

In cases where the bottom of the upper jaw has already reduced to a great extent, we have achieved very good results with the so-called sinus-lift method. This is a procedure which specifically raises the bottom of the maxillary sinus. Your own bone is also transplanted for this procedure.

Here, you will find an external link to YouTube with a clear animation about the topic: Youtube Link

We can offer you a personal consultation

If you previously considered yourself to be a “hopeless case”, feel free to come for a consultation discussion in one of our practices in Adlershof or Karlshorst. We will assess your case individually and are happy to show you the possible options of bone construction.

About Zahnkultur Berlin

The joint dental practice Zahnkultur Berlin was founded in 2010 with the first practice in Berlin-Adlershof. Shortly after, the Karlshorst location was started up. Since then, the team, led by the owner, founder and dentist, Carsten-Can, has continued to grow. Now, around 40 dentists offer the patients in Adlershof and Karlshorst almost all disciplines of modern dentistry.

Trust is important. This is why each of our patients is treated by a specific dentist. However, for special requirements, a corresponding specialist in our practice may be called in to work alongside the regular dentist. With this concept, a close, holistic treatment can be realised and, not least, one based on trust.

Highly qualified and motivated

Another essential feature of our practice concept is the continual further training and qualification measures for our dentist and practice teams. Accordingly, our employees regularly take part in workshops, training courses and other specialist qualification measures. In this way, we ensure that our patients can always be treated according to the latest scientific knowledge and standards.

Our dentist practices were equipped in such a way that we can practise dental care perfectly in every respect. However, at the same time, you should also feel at home. From this point of view, the reception and waiting areas and treatment rooms have been decorated in a modern, open and bright manner. So that absolutely everyone – including our patients with disabilities, seniors with walking aids, parents with prams and pushchairs etc. – can move unrestricted in our practices, they are accessible by wheelchair and all our rooms fitted to be completely barrier free and suitable for people with additional needs.

tooth implants in Adlershof und Karlshorst For the complete dental care of our patients using the latest in scientific know-how, we can use diverse technologies, such as digital volume tomography (DVT), computer tomography (CT), fully equipped operating theatres and much more. Thanks to our cooperation with Zahnklinik Ost, we can even offer inpatient stays.

Own laboratory – short channels

In the case of a planned tooth implantation, our own dental laboratories – directly in the neighbouring rooms of the practices – are a clear advantage for you as a patient. This means that personal consultations with the dental technicians are possible at any time. Thanks to extensive laboratory technology, our experienced lab team and the use of modern, biocompatible materials, we can realise aesthetically pleasing and high-quality tooth replacements.

You will see that, in our open and barrier-free dental practices in Adlershof and Karlshorst, you are in good hands for all dental issues. Competent, specialised dentists, a qualified practice team, modern technical equipment, a German master dental lab directly on site as well as the use of exclusively high-quality materials and modern technologies at a fair price will ensure you have complete care during your implant operation.

The implantologist and practice owner | Tooth implants in Berlin

Carsten-Can Öztan, Tooth implants in BerlinCarsten-Can Öztan is the owner and head of the joint dental practices Zahnkultur Berlin at both sites in Adlershof and Karlshorst

Since 2010
Head of Zahnkultur Berlin (Adlershof & Karlshorst)
Head of Zahnklinik Ost
Established dentist with a focus on implantology

Activity as a dentist with the focuses of implantology/surgery
in the dental practice of Dr. Parusel, Salzgitter

2006 to 2009
Kobenhavns Tandlaege Center, Kopenhagen (Denmark)
Establishment of the implantological department

2005 to 2007
Practising dentist atMedeco, Berlin

1998 to 2004
Study of Dentistry, Oral Hygiene and Orthodontics at the Freie Universität Berlin


Frequently asked questions

  • Will I feel the tooth implant?

    Generally, you cannot feel tooth implants. They assume the function of the natural tooth completely. This means that they feel and look like real teeth.

  • Is tooth implant treatment painful?

    The implant operation itself is completely pain-free thanks to anaesthesia. This takes place as an outpatient operation with local anaesthetic or sedation. General anaesthetic is also possible if desired. Up to two or three days after the operation, there may still be some slight pain. However, conventional painkillers usually help here.

  • How long to tooth implants last?

    Tooth implants are extremely long-lasting. This is proven by scientific studies. These state that over 90 % of tooth implants are still firm after 10 years and continue to fulfil their complete function. By comparison, in the same period, this is only the case for 80 % of bridges and 75 % of individual crowns.
    As with natural teeth, however, the long life strongly depends on care and oral hygiene. With thorough dental care and regular check-up appointments (1-2x per year), you can preserve a tooth implant for much longer than 10 years, and sometimes for your whole life. We are happy to advise you on implant treatment. Get in touch!

  • How much does a tooth implant cost?

    The costs for tooth implants are difficult to quantify in general figures. Individually, this depends on the respective findings, the labour involved in treatment, the treatment method, the material used as well as the scope of your health insurance. The extensive personal consultation at Zahnkultur Berlin also includes the preparation of a detailed treatment and cost plan. You can submit this to your health insurance provider. This means that you will know in advance whether and to which amount your health insurance provider will cover the costs for your tooth implant. If required, we offer the option of financing, where you pay the treatment costs in up to twelve instalments without interest or fees.

  • Will my health insurance provider pay for this?

    Sadly, the statutory health insurance providers do not cover the costs for the insertion of tooth implants. However, they do subsidise the prosthetic fitting, meaning the implant crown. If you are privately insured, the reimbursement of costs depends on your tariff. In any case, you should submit the cost and treatment plan which we prepare to your health insurance provider in advance so that you can calculate the costs you will have to cover yourself. If desired and where needed, you have the option of paying the treatment costs in interest and fee-free instalments (max. 12 instalments).

  • Are there any risks?

    Every operation involves risks. This means that complications may also arise during the placement of tooth implants. However, by way of conscientious check-ups, careful advance planning and as precise and careful a method as possible, we can largely minimise the risks.

  • When can I go back to work after the tooth implantation?

    In principle, you can go back to light work such as office activities as early as the following day. Some swelling is usually possible for two or three days after the tooth implant has been inserted, more severe complaints are rare. However, in any case, discuss this with your implantologist and follow their recommendations as much as possible.

  • How should I look after my tooth implant at home?

    Inter-dental cleaning is very important when looking after tooth implants. For this reason, you should thoroughly clean the spaces between your teeth before each time you brush your teeth. Ask your dentist what would be best suited for this in your case: dental floss, inter-dental brushes, super floss or single-tuft toothbrushes. As well as daily implant care at home, regular, professional implant treatment in the dental practice around once or twice per year is particularly important to preserve your tooth implants for longer.

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Sie haben das Recht, unverzüglich die Berichtigung von Sie betreffenden unrichtigen personen-bezogenen Daten und/oder die Ergänzung unvollständiger personenbezogener Daten zu verlangen (Art. 16 DSGVO).
Außerdem haben Sie das Recht, zu verlangen, dass Sie betreffende personenbezogene Daten unverzüglich gelöscht werden, sofern einer der in Art. 17 DSGVO im einzelnen aufgeführten Gründe zutrifft, z. B. wenn die Daten für die verfolgten Zwecke nicht mehr benötigt werden.

Sie haben das Recht, die Einschränkung der Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten zu verlangen, wenn eine der in Art. 18 DSGVO aufgeführten Voraussetzungen gegeben ist.
In bestimmten Fällen haben Sie gem. Art. 20 DSGVO das Recht, die Sie betreffenden personenbezogenen Daten in einem strukturierten, gängigen und maschinenlesbaren Format zu erhalten bzw. die Übermittlung dieser Daten an einen Dritten zu verlangen.

mehr zu Rechten des Nutzers

Werden Daten auf Grundlage von Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f erhoben (Datenverarbeitung zur Wahrung berechtigter Interessen), steht Ihnen gem. Art. 21 DSGVO das Recht zu, aus Gründen, die sich aus Ihrer besonderen Situation ergeben, jederzeit gegen die Verarbeitung Widerspruch einzulegen.
Wir werden die personenbezogenen Daten dann nicht mehr verarbeiten, es sei denn, es liegen nachweisbar zwingende schutzwürdige Gründe für die Verarbeitung vor, die die Interessen, Rechte und Freiheiten der betroffenen Person überwiegen, oder die Verarbeitung dient der Geltendmachung, Ausübung oder Verteidigung von Rechtsansprüchen.
Sie haben gem. Art. 77 DSGVO das Recht auf Beschwerde bei einer Aufsichtsbehörde, wenn Sie der Ansicht sind, dass die Verarbeitung der Sie betreffenden Daten gegen datenschutzrechtliche Bestimmungen verstößt. Das Beschwerderecht kann insbesondere bei einer Aufsichtsbehörde in dem Mitgliedstaat Ihres Aufenthaltsorts, Ihres Arbeitsplatzes oder des Orts des mutmaßlichen Verstoßes geltend gemacht werden.

13. Datenschutzbeauftragter

Der externe Datenschutzbeauftragte der Zahnkultur Berlin / ÜBAG Öztan & Partner und damit Ihr Ansprechpartner für sämtliche Fragen rund um den Datenschutz und den Umgang mit Ihren persönlichen Daten ist:

Maik Prömel
Sommerwiesenweg 34
12557 Berlin

14. Einbeziehung, Gültigkeit und Aktualität der Datenschutzerklärung

Die Datenschutzerklärung ist aktuell gültig und datiert vom 18.05.2018.

 Durch die Weiterentwicklung dieser Website oder die Implementierung neuer Technologien kann es notwendig werden, diese Datenschutzerklärung zu ändern.
Wir behalten uns vor, die Datenschutzerklärung mit Wirkung für die Zukunft zu ändern und empfehlen Ihnen, sich die aktuelle Datenschutzerklärung von Zeit zu Zeit erneut durchzulesen.